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Today graphic formats are reigning over the net

The web world is vast. It’s filled with cyber elements floating here and there; while many get optimized some don’t. Today graphic files are reigning over the net and there is no doubt to the fact that website designs are gaining popularity with the use of graphics. What most of us aren’t aware is the fact that only a few get selected by the browser; the browser isn’t compatible to all types of graphic formats. In most cases the web developer makes use of JPEG and the GIF formats as they are more picked by the web. An interesting fact says that web designers use GIF files. Why? These files are small and adapt well with 8 bit color resolution. Web designers working for Web Development Company in Kolkata focus on designs and graphics that are crawl able. GIF formats are mostly used for backgrounds, frames and boxes.

However, developers also use the JPEG format; the universal format that hardly makes a compromise when it comes to color resolutions. GIF is in use by developers implementing animated designs. To be brief these two are 1st amongst the web developer’s choice.


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