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The World Of Pixar – The Best There Ever Will Be

The World Of Pixar

There is a rumor about Pixar Animation Studios, the famous computer animation film studio based in California, that it has started losing its Midas touch with the failure of Cars 2 (2011). After all, Pixar has always been considered something which does not fail. From its first full-length feature film, Toy Story, in 1995 to the latest, Monsters University, in 2013 – the studio has produced 14 feature films and Cars 2 was the only one which received mixed reviews from critics.

However, the reaction from the audience is saying a very different story. The box-office collections have been growing, and the audience are loving the advancements of CGI with every new venture from Pixar. In fact, it has been seen in a latest survey that the movies which got low scores from critics are literally “food-for-all-day” for children. Say for example, Monsters University (2013) – a prequel to 2001 super-hit movie Monsters, Inc., has received 75% rating from the critics and 92% ratings from the children. The recent success of this movie and the Academy award-winning Brave has somewhat mitigated the disappointment among Pixar fans which they had after Cars 2.

Top 3 Pixar Movies

The popularity of the Pixar movies is unparalleled. If someone asks me to pick out the top 3, it’ll be one of the toughest jobs given to me so far. For the sake of my readers, however, I’ll bring out the 3 most critically-acclaimed and commercially lovable Pixar movies:

#1. Finding Nemo: The story of a clownfish named Marlin whose young son Nemo gets captured by scuba divers. The rest of the film revolves around Marlin’s perilous adventure across the Pacific Ocean, and how he beats all odds to free his son from captivity.

Finding Nemo

Along with other accolades, the movie went on to win 1 Academy Award and 1 Golden Globe Award in 2003.

#2. Toy Story: This is where Pixar started it all! In 1995, the story of a group of anthropomorphic toys pretending to be lifeless in front of humans was just too much awesomeness for us. We wanted more, and so there were two equally mind-boggling sequels – one in 1999 and the other in 2010.

Toy Story

Along with other accolades, the movie was nominated for 3 Academy Awards and 2 Golden Globe Awards in 1995.

#3. Up: Living up to the meaning of the popular catchphrase of Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, this movie was seriously all about “To infinity and beyond”. This tale of fun and adventure also taught us about the value of the promises we made to our loved ones. And the simplicity of the love story portrayed in the first 10 minutes of the movie (and without any dialogue, mind you) can beat any romance with ease.


Along with other accolades, the movie went on to win 2 Academy Awards and 2 Golden Globe Awards in 2009.

The Pixar Theory

A fan-following this humongous and CGI technology improving every day, there is absolutely no way Pixar has lost its touch. Although I agree that Cars 2 was not that satisfying, but I would choose to neglect considering it to be a small bad patch. Adding to the fun is The Pixar Theory presented by Jon Negroni a couple of months back where he has unraveled a secret world which connects all the 14 pixar movies together. From Brave to Monster Inc. – different movies, different timelines and different characters – how is this possible at all? But yes it is!


So, can we come to the conclusion that the genius minds of Pixar are just too good to fail us? Can we start believing that the upcoming Pixar products will be linked to the same secret world Jon Negroni found out? No matter what it is, there is no denying the fact that the world of Pixar still never fails to amuse us, being the best that there ever will be!



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