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Thanks To Sonakshi Sinha for giving us a Holiday!

Sonakshi Sinha Holiday Movie

I am talking about Sonakshi Sinha Holiday Movie

Oh! We must thank our lucky stars!! And who are our lucky stars…of course the tinsel town damsels!

But this weight loss tendencies and zero-figure fashion was taking our little relaxation pleasures away from us speedily!! With zero-figure in fashion, we, the common women, had to rush to the nearest gyms or yoga centers after finishing up all sorts of tiresome household chores or ‘meeting weekly deadlines’ at office !Plus starve ourselves to the coffin……all to win and maintain the ‘Gentleman love’ that is so very difficult to attain!

Bebo’s ‘Tashan’ Figure That Gave Us The Nightmares

After the release of Tashan, Bebo aka. Kareena Kapoor gave our ‘laid-back’ selves a real hard push…..but yes Suryanamaskar works wonders – I tried it for 3 weeks (can’t continue anything for long folks)…and lost 3 kgs (1 kg per week is not bad!). Although it is said that she did 100 rounds of Suryanamaskars at one go…but I almost collapse by the time I reach the 8th round. But I guess with practice and continuity, it is easily attainable……the ‘zero figure’ ie.

Sonakshi Sinha Holiday Movie
Bebo in Tashan

Another bolt from the blue – Anuska in Jab Tak Hai Jaan!

Things and figures started to fade away gradually and we were all going back to our comfort zones….crawling back lazily beneath our quilts…when another bomb was hurled at us..this time it  was a Anushka Sharma in Jab Tak Hai Jaan! That’s it…..we were back to square one….running to gyms and taking the time outta our busy schedules!!

Sonakshi Sinha Holiday Movie
Anushka sharma In Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Sonakshi Sinha brings in the most awaited ‘Holiday’ for us!

Well, it is holiday time now I guess – with Sonakshi shining in spite of being pretty heavy and voluptuous! Kudos to the film Directors and Producers for launching the actual Indian woman figure and giving us commoners some respite!! Yea….she deserves the kiss from the Gentleman Soldier Lover……seen in the picture below!

Sonakshi Sinha Holiday Movie
Sonakshi Sinha in Holiday Movie

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