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Subtle Healing of Zodiac Signs – Sagittarius :: 3rd / Solar Chakra


(23 November-21 December)

Ruling planet: Jupiter
Group: Mutable
Colour: Turqoise, purple

Positive characteristics: open to new things, understanding, generous, philosophical, optimistic, faithful in God, freedom loving and enthusiastic

Negative or weak aspects: dogmatic, fanatic, not careful in speech, exaggerating

Energy center: the third chakra, Nabhi


Sagittarius is known to be optimistic and open to new things

Sagittarius is known to be optimistic and open to new things. They are enthusiastic about life and are idealistic. Strong intuition makes them successful in philosophy. They enjoy travelling, visiting different places and meeting new people.

They like to make changes and cannot stay put in one place for long. It is a changing sign and this could make their behaviour unpredictable. Can feel indecisive easily.

They try to learn, practice what they have learned and improve themselves. However, they can become bored easily and start following a new route.

Natives of this sign are seekers

Natives of this sign are seekers. They seek the truth, knowledge and wisdom. They have a strong sense of discrimination between right and wrong. Fair, moral and virtuous people who try to live according to ethics are usually people from this sign. They have strong faith. Could become dogmatic or fanatic because they are prone to exaggerating. Good speakers. Could hurt others unwantingly because they speak openly and directly due to their purity.

Humourous, fun to be with and good friends. They make people around them feel enthusiastic and optimistic. Inspiring and joyful. Has a special interest and skill in sports.

The planet ruling this sign is Jupiter

The planet ruling this sign is Jupiter. This planet also governs our third, nabhi chakra. Jupiter is both the largets planet in our solar system and its energy makes things grow and multiply. It can magnify everything both good and bad.

A badly affected Jupiter in our chart could make us boastful, greedy or physically vulnerable to putting on weight. Our third chakra represents satisfaction and balanced attitudes. We can attain complete satisfaction within ourselves by balancing this chakra.

We become balanced in our behaviour and not only in eating and drinking. Jupiter also gives us prosperity and is very generous. The Nabhi chakra also governs these topics within us. We can experience the wealth and prosperity coming from Jupiter in the light of satisfaction and generosity when this chakra is cleared out.

It makes us wealthier both financially and spiritually. Another quality of our third chakra is that we can lead a higher quality life and evolve within certain limits thanks to the moral and virtuous qualities we experience here. The energy of Jupiter makes the natives of this sign virtuous and moral, principled people. We should not forget about Jupiter’s magnifying and multiplying energy and should refrain from fanaticism. However, we become moral naturally and live accordingly if our Nabhi chakra is in balance.



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