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Subtle Healing of Zodiac Signs – Capricorn :: 5th / Throat Chakra


(22 December – 22 January)

Ruling planet: Saturn
Group: Cardinal
Element: Earth
Colour: Brown, dark grey

Positive characteristics: withstands difficulties, trustworthy, patient, determined, organized

Negative or weak aspects: stubborn, pessimistic, doesn’t like to spend money, materialistic, likes being in high positions

Energy center: the fifth chakra, Vishuddhi


Has a strong sense of duty

This sign is known to be serious, trustworthy, responsible and hardworking. Has a strong sense of duty. They might taken on a lot of responsibility and start working at a small age. Might become very good business people. Developed sense of management. Very disciplined. Works relentlessly to reach its goals. Doesn’t relax easily. Can become insecure and pessimistic easily. Could be sulking and serious people due to the grown up life that starts at an early age.

They become more childlike as they grow up. They appear young even at an old age and could become simple like children with the wisdom they gain from their experiences.

Attaches importance to material security

Does not reveal its emotions much, lives in deep areas and attaches importance to material security. They can worry easily and lose their self confidence if they are not financially ok.

Reserved, shy and very busy with their work, this sign finds it hard to build friendships. However they hold on to their few number of friends for an entire life.

Attached to their past, roots, and memories. This could make them fanatic at times. Conservative people.

It is a reserved earth sign that doesn’t immediately reveal itself. Takes action only when it is certain of things. Attaches great importance to marriage and family life. Very aware of its responsibilities. Building a family, being protective and being a father (for male natives) could become very important in their life.

Saturn is the ruling planet for both this sign and the fifth, Vishuddhi/ Throat chakra

Saturn is the ruling planet for both this sign and the fifth, Vishuddhi chakra. Saturn is a planet that trains a person by putting him through various tests during the process of evolution. It also makes a person face up to his weak aspects and strengthen them. It is a “teacher” planet.

A strong Saturn in our birth chart could make a person come across difficulties earlier in life and so, become a stronger being. Serious and responsible. Must refrain from being pessimistic.

This chakra makes a person feel lonely and pessimistic if it is not used properly. The positive side of this chakra is that we become collective and view life like a game, in a witness state and enjoy it. If the Sagittarius can awaken these qualities in his Vishuddhi chakra, he can then objectively witness the difficulties he is experiencing and enjoy life. He can open himself up to the collectivity, to the entire humanity. This is how they will get over their feelings of loneliness, insecurity and indecisiveness.



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