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Skin Care for Winter- What’s the Perfect Moisturizer?

Skin Care

Winter is approaching and there is no dearth to the fact that your skin is likely to lose its glow sooner if you don’t really pay attention to it. But is there a perfect moisturizer that suits all skin types during winter months? There are no perfect moisturizers in the market; it’s just that brands use this as a USP to catch attention of their customers. Most of the time we are unable to read ingredients imprinted on the packaging box of a hydrating lotion. However there is no optimum level to state the perfectness in the potency of a skin care product for winter issues, because skin types vary. While some may turn out to be too greasy triggering pimples and acne others might not be sufficient for hydrating the skin. There are some serious skin discomforts which you might incur during the winter months. Facial skin care is must-have during fall.

Facial Skin Care

Sometimes you may feel your skin to be too itchy leading to eczema and other irritations. An immediate call to the nearest dermatologist can save you from such a situation. Moreover skin care products have to be chosen very carefully. Both good and worse products are available at different price range. Most importantly before selecting the skin care product you need to choose the base ingredient of the product. The choices vary with the needs.

So why do you need facial skin care?

Winter takes away all the moisture from our skin leading to varied range of skin conditions. Some of the skin problems experienced during winter are discussed below:

  • Dry and itchy skin
  • Oily skin due to excess hydration
  • Acneic skin
  • Reactive skin



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