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Sidekick 4G Is Better than the Old One – Or is It?

From a recent data of “tech . fortune . cnn . com” I came to know about the launch of the sidekick 4G once more!

iPhone 4G
The iPhone 4G

T-mobile is to launch sidekick 4G! This one is going to start with the Android 2.2 OS. I think sidekicks are much easy to handle in compare to iPhone. Though many prefer touch screens due to its versatility, but you can really not trust them for text out your mates or colleagues. But sidekick is going to provide you with the same 5 row keypad like your keyboard. Like the previous sidekicks that we were using, this will be too of keypad with 5 rows and along with the necessary shortcuts.

But however there are some of the negative effects that has been pointed out by the article like

  • The placement of the buttons, though the idea is not that much bad, however this removed the instant voice search and actions.
  • MyTouch 4G has also been replaced by their own utility of less power.
  • As SAMSUNG and T-MOBILE want the Android OS to operate like the sidekick, the overlay that has been set is quite a crazy one. Everything is in the Sidekick theme now.
  • Getting the Android updates will be a bit difficult in this set.
  • This is presenting a combination of the one dimensional device (10 programs with the most important one in the center) as well as the 2D one (sliding capacity).
  • The most important factor is the hardware problem. The popping of the screen takes a slight long time than the previous sidekick.

So… as per the article, and the quotes “Son can never outweigh Father” … the older version still rules. However technology is moving, so let’s welcome sidekick 4G, let it proof itself coupled with Android OS.

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