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Hair Gel- Good or Bad

hair gelMen have fetish for hair styling products that make them look hot; knowing very little if these products are good for their shafts. Cropped or long hairdos, men go for anything trendy and those which lend them an extra appeal. Nowadays you’d find hair gels that shine in the dark; especially men who party hard at night find it quite an interesting formula to woo women. However most of the time men fail to realize that application of hair gel and other hair solutions can get malefic too. It’s true that several men suffer baldness due to inappropriate use of hair gels. Most of us are unaware of some bitter truths about how hair gels and solutions take toll on your hair health. Every other day you’ll find a new hair styling product in the market; but before taking out your wallet, think again.

hair gel

Is hair gel harmful?

Yes it can trigger hair loss. How? Hair gels are manufactured with chemicals and sporting a gel look throughout the day without rinsing your hair would worsen the situation. Hair pores through which new shafts grow get clogged if you have not cleansed your scalp properly. Every day you need to wash off the hair gel after wearing it for long hours. As the pores get clogged with chemicals and dirt, the growth of new hair follicles are affected. This right away limits growth of hair thus causing baldness to occur.


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