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Effective Online Shopping Cart Solutions Mean Business Growth

It is not unknown to you as a website owner that online shopping is becoming more popular than ever because of its simplicity and convenience. Naturally, it is becoming increasingly important to make shopping carts more usable, keeping in mind the fact that when a customer wants to buy something online, he wants to make it quick and expects a smooth experience.

In your quest for smooth online shopping cart solutions, it is wise to include both – a full page containing the shopping cart and a tiny shopping cart on the sidebar or above the fold of your ecommerce website so that when a customer chooses a product, it appears on the mini shopping cart and it contains a link to the page containing the full-blown shopping cart.

The advantage of the full-blown cart is that you can provide complete information about the products chosen by the customer and the advantage of having the mini cart is its sheer convenience.

Other than the shopping cart, you also have to consider the checkout process of your ecommerce site. Will it be step-by-step, or just one page checkout? Usually, a step-by-step checkout is more convenient for users. Clearly defined steps help customers to checkout quickly.

When your web development team is working on your ecommerce website design, make sure they take proper measures to guide your customers throughout the whole process of checkout. The best way to guide your customers is to put large buttons on your online store that read explicit messages like ‘add to cart’ or ‘proceed with checkout’.

Always use a tabular structure for your shopping cart. The advantage of it is that it displays the information to your customers smoothly and seamlessly. Remember to use legible text in clear fonts. Refrain from any kind of distraction such as prominent borders.

If you are using remotely hosted online shopping cart solutions, it should take very little time and technical knowledge for you to setup. These solutions are expensive but they help start-up ecommerce websites to be successful with their new site without spending too much time on marketing. If you are hosting a shopping cart of your own, you will need – a domain name, hosting account and a   merchant account.

Some shopping cart solution providers offer an option named a virtual terminal wherein you can put in your customer’s credit card details. This kind of a terminal lets you to take phone orders besides online orders.

There are plenty of people who do not yet feel the internet to be trustworthy enough to make purchases.  To turn them into your customers, you can offer them the option of paying with checks.

If you have an online store to run, it is good to consider your technical knowledge and the right setup for your shopping cart development. Finally, remember to show some visual support to your customers when they enter billing information. Also, do not have a lengthy form for your customers to fill up because that annoys most of the online buyers.


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