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The Future of E-Commerce in 2010 and Beyond



E-Commerce is now around for more than 13 years. Today it has become a key channel for B2C (Business to Consumer) and B2B (Business to Business) companies. Firms that moved to e-commerce way of doing business years back, were the early gainers.

Every individual business had to figure out their e-commerce strategy would play out and how the customers would buy on the products on their website. Key success and is to tweak the website in order to better respond to the customer behavior accordingly.

While E-Commerce has grown in leaps and bounds, we are now seeing new marketing ‘plays’ more on a tactical level. More importantly technology has moved to the center point to deliver enhanced customer experience. Be it PC or mobile device. The key factor for you folks is to locate your working E-Commerce mechanisms that is unique to your business and best adapt them to your e-model. You will see your sales charts soaring.

Author – Sudeep Banerjee – Blog

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