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Tips to Create The Best Landing Page for Your e-Commerce Site

Landing page is an essential component of online marketing for an e-commerce website. That is why this page is often called a ‘ lander’ or a ‘ lead capture page’. The landing page contains the sales copy, which is an extension of the online advertisement put up for selling a product or service. So, it is important for the landing page to be absolutely user friendly for driving greater volumes of traffic to the online store and as a result, increase sales.

Landing page is the most effective tool for an e-commerce website when it is trying to create a good impression on the prospective clientèle. Researches have proved that a good landing page, be it for transaction or merely for reference, has the capability of creating a direct impact on revenue earning or lead generation. So, it is very important to optimize the landing page of your e-commerce site to the fullest for getting more sales. You can get a few tips here to get a fully optimized landing page.

1. The visual layout of the landing page of an e-commerce site has to be very simple that it attracts any layman. The landing page can impress the prospective customer only if it can be accessed with ease. The transaction process has to be clutter free. It is the web designer’s task to make the layout clutter free and uncomplicated for the visitors.

2. Call to Action or CTA buttons are the guide for the visitors to the next action to be taken. They can vary from a ‘buy’ button to an ‘add to cart’ button. No matter how well you design your promotional activities, it will not generate much revenue until the visitor finds out the CTA buttons easily after landing on the page.

3. The landing page of your e-commerce website cannot engage your visitors for long unless you have complete information about your products on the e-commerce website. The page should include every important detail like relevant images to describe the product, company policies, shipping charges, etc. Enough content should be there to explain the products or services in details and also about the modes of payment. In case of online transactions, potential customers do not make a move before being absolutely sure of the quality and durability of the products.

4.The landing page can fail to satisfy the customer with enough information and unwillingly make him leave the page. That is why a personal contact point is required for customer interaction. No customer would like to make a move towards buying the product or subscribing to your service without being completely free from all doubts. If they receive all their required information by getting in touch with you through the contact points, they will be convinced to order for your product. So, the landing page should contain necessary e-mail addresses, toll free phone numbers, etc for the convenience of the prospective buyer.

Shopaholics cannot resist themselves if the products displayed on your e-commerce site have features tempting enough to allure them. At the same time, the website should also have a good landing page to guide the visitors towards the page for placing the order. So, a good landing page can make or break your business.


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