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Solar shades for offices and homes

Solar shades are the best alternative as compared to other covering options for windows. Solar shades are also known as solar screens. They have lot of advantages that is why it is a great choice for window coverings.

Solar shades prevent the entering of sun rays from the windows into your house. These sun rays damage the furniture, carpets and other interiors. Not only the interiors but these sun rays are actually the harmful UV radiations which will harm you skin and can cause diseases like cancer. Solar shades will help you in saving your money as your electricity consumption (air conditioners) will get reduced due to less heat. They can convert the outdoor portion of your house into a room where you can enjoy and can have fun with your friends or family.

There are basically three types of Awnings:

  • Retractable
  • Fixed
  • Freestanding

Fixed awnings are also known as stationary awnings which are attached to the building permanently and cannot be removed. They are basically used in the gardens and the windows to limit the harmful rays to enter. When there is not much space then you can use retractable awnings. These awnings can be folded and adjusted according to your needs. They provide you both the options of shading and basking in the sun. Retractable Awnings are of two types: Manual and motorized. In the Manual model, you own have to handle the lever to extend or retract the awning. But in the motorized model, the awning is retracted or extended by a flipping a switch.

Awnings come in different sizes and colors which will enhance the beauty of your home. Therefore, the window awnings are the best coverings for windows and provide solar shading.


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