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Multicultural Weddings: A Chunk with Cherry

Inter-caste marriages had been a common and conventional concept as of today, but multicultural weddings still need transformation in perceptions and beliefs to be accepted by the society and other members of the family. Several issues may crop up if it is not tackled carefully. This article unravels some tips which can help the couple to recoup from the complexities and intricacies, assuring smooth and successful relation in long term.

Bygone are the days when bride or groom was chosen by the elderly members of the family. In today’s scenario, the generation itself decides the eligibility criteria and who should be their partner forever. In the multicultural society set up, the mindsets of the evolving generation has changed drastically. All they need is a compatible partner who understands their family values and ensures an affectionate relationship with other members of the family.

Multicultural matrimony is becoming prevalent in the society with youths pursuing education in different universities across the states. The education platform has provided exposure to the students and acts a catalyst in aiding them to think beyond the platform of caste, creed and culture. Developing penchant in youth for different cultures and different states indeed seems to have its roots coming from the education platform.

Below are few tips which can vitally assist fixing multicultural wedding relations issues amid your families.

Make things thread bare

It is necessary that all things are discussed with family. Make important details crystal clear before your parents. Discuss about the caste, culture your partner belongs to, the living style and ambiance s/he born and brought up in. This will help your family to comprehend a better picture about your partner. Also if possible try inviting him/her over the family diners before marriage so that s/he understands the cultural set up of the family and orientation.

This ideally becomes more important for the girl as she has to stay with the family after marriage, so she needs to prepare her mindset accordingly.

Families get to gather

The couple might have to face the oppositions of the elderly members of the family, for the reason they never wanted their prodigies to go in different traditions and stay away from it. But the better resolution of the entire revolt is to involve both the families in to the relation and plan for some meetings before the marriage. It just not couple getting wedded but two families tying knots. Pragmatically the marriage can be planned as per both the traditions to preserve the sentiments of the members.

Give due heed to guest list and invites: – Guests are the crucial part of the weddings, so make sure that your guests do form a part of the important day of your life. Few of the relations may refuse to attend the wedding as they might not understand the rituals, so make sure a common reception ceremony is planned, inviting the guest from both the sides showering blessing to the newly wedded couple.

Society for an integral part of the one’s life so considering them is really important, it is necessary to assure proper arrangements for them.

Bring both the rituals and acclimatize: –A Multicultural marriage puts two faiths on the neutral platform, so it is highly important for the individuals to accustom one to the rituals practiced at the in-law side. The partner should be flexible to adjust to new settings and indeed accept the new culture. It is good to explore different sides of another tradition. You can perhaps have festivities celebrations twice the year, apparently once of your tradition and other as practiced by your spouse. So it adds blithely moments to life.

Add multi-colors to wedding relation: – Post marriage is the biggest phase to adjust, especially for girls. Try respecting each tradition and custom practiced in the in-laws house. This will help in establishing smooth relation between you and your partner. Groom might never accept a girl who does not gel up well with the family. Indian societies do hold some rituals rooted in each culture, willingly or unwillingly the bride has to accept them. An early acceptance might create positive relation with other members of the family.

A cultural gap may mislead your relation to entirely wrong track. In short term the gap may work, but in long term the cultural void can create conflicts, so make sure that your relation goes hassle free in all ways of life.

Multicultural wedding invites might really wonder the guest and they may really ponder over the example of South girl wedding a Punjabi boy, but it did happen. Famous writer Chetan Bhagat in his novel “Two States-The Story of My Marriage”, which was a fantabulous piece of creation by the writer highlighted his pre-marriage downturns and efforts by him to make the dream come true. It was just a not novel but somewhere the realty of the writer’s life. In real Chetan does share a beautiful relation with a south love of his life.

When we accept such novels and go on talking about them, then why not accepting them in realities, you never know when you discover an entirely new loving story in your life. A multicultural wedding adds vibrant colors and fun moments explore them well and live a healthy matrimonial life.

Author Bio- Subhadra Bhadauria is a thorough writer on match making site She entertains her readers with updates on the matrimonial culture such as Punjabi.


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