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How to pick the right website theme color?

A website is the most colorful and dynamic element in use today. Websites are made of simple to complex elements. Just like in cooking you need to put in all ingredients and then get the real taste of a dish, website designing needs developers who put in their best efforts and incorporate elements that make up for a great site. Like contents and graphics, the site developer has to be very careful while choosing colors for the site.  Do you know some colors tend to evoke particular emotions?  Remember that colors play an important role in casting an impression of your business.

Experts working for website design in Irvine study and analyze colors. They know which shade evokes what kind of emotions; therefore it’s important that the colors you choose synchronize with the concept or idea you want to focus on.

Since colors signify moods and feelings, the web developer has a tough task deciding colors for a web layout that has to quick grab an attention of the visitors. Let us find out the color truths for the web platform:

  • Choose shades that are soothing for the eyes. Avoid loud shades; the readers would almost run away.
  • Apart from the black and white combination that’s mostly found in layouts using fonts in black and background in white, you can try out the other shades as well; remember a lighter background calls for a darker font and vice versa.
  • For a consistent background make sure you select the web safe shades.
  • Avoid using different colors for different pages. That’s pretty disturbing for the viewers and they feel lost too. Use a consistent color scheme for your web design.
  • Don’t use images for backgrounds, it complicates the viewing aspect.

These are simple color rules you need to know.


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