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Games For Kids Which Can Grow Their Interest In Math

For most of us as kids, math lessons were those classes when we always used to feel too tired and sleepy. And even if we were not sleeping, teachers used to have a real hard time making us pay attention to the “boring” calculations and diagrams. As we grew up, however, we came to realize about the paramount importance of math, and felt disappointed for not putting enough efforts in decoding the amazing world of algebra, geometry and calculus.

In order to reap the best results, it is important to have strong liking towards math from a very early age. However, it should also be kept in mind that the traditional ways by which we were taught math will only make the kids of today’s generation take a strong dislike towards this subject. So, what can be the solution? There are certain games which can make math for kids interesting again! These games develop reasoning and analytical skills of kids’ minds, and help them easily grasp tough math problems. Let us take a look at some of these games:

#1. Sudoku: This famous puzzle game is completely based on logic. While the traditional sudoku consists of a 9×9 grid, kids should start with solving the 4×4 ones. A sudoku grid is always kept partially filled, with numbers ranging from 1 to 9. The game can be won by filling up the blank spaces. There is a unique way of solving each grid, and finding it is the challenge. Simply put, there is hardly any game which requires such a sound and calculative mind.

#2. Snakes & Ladder: I’m sure that you’ve never thought about this, but the legendary Snakes & Ladder board game is perhaps the best possible first step taken to make kids get familiar with the world of math. We all know the rules how the game is played, but we’ve never payed too much attention. The game is completely based on luck and does not require any skill. However, it does require the basic skills in addition, and hence, it’s the best game to develop the first step of math.

#3. Online Math Games: Online math games can also play a vital part. And unfortunately, people like me who belongs to the previous generation could not get benefited from the world of Internet. If I have to name some of the most popular online math games, I’ll obviously pick Dominoes, Memory, and Solitaire. Your kid can either compete with the computer or challenge a friend.

Once your kids are in love with these games, it will hardly take any time to get accustomed to math. In fact, they are going to love it too! And when the subject becomes fun and enjoyable, it will automatically become less boring or scary.

Author’s Bio: John Stephenson is the owner of a math coaching center in Clovis, California. He is also an avid blogger and writes about various ways by which math for kids can be made fun and interesting.


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