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Alternate Fuels and North America

It’s a long-standing fact that the European preferences differ (and sometimes, differ a lot) from the North American mindset. Something as basic as an affinity for red meat is enough to be presented as a witness; even for the drinking habits, for Europeans, red wine surpasses the consumption of beer, the staple for North Americans. A look at the gas-guzzling machines also reveals the fact; it’s the alternate-fuel vehicles that dominate the European roads.

So what does North America really think about the hybrid cars and the alternate fuels? To know that, let us consult one of the reports from A.N.E. (Automotive News Europe).

In Italy, the count regarding propane and CNG (compressed natural gas) powered vehicles have gone up by 30 percent, which are not new automobiles hitting the roads but old cars with their engines replaced for burning natural gases. It is a step that has reduced the overall CO2 emissions, besides making the owners eligible for incentives between 1,500 and 2000, while petrol and CNG combos have earned it in the range of 1,500 to 3500.

But, according to Sir Issac Newton and his third law, the sale of clean diesel nose-dived by a flat 15%; whether it is a greener bent of mind or an easy availability of the factory-built gassers is still a subject of debate (it seems both), fact remains that US is lagging far behind in either. We cannot expect every American to go for the Honda Civic GX CNG, the only natural-gas-car built on purpose or to go for a CNG or propane conversion – if it’s not time consuming, then much expensive an affair.

But mindsets are changing and that has rekindled the hope for North Americans joining the Green Brigade and it’s the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to be thanked; it’s their relentless trials on making people understand the need to regulate co2 emissions is finally bearing the fruits. People are slowly coming to understand the dangers of global warming and the adversities pollutant induce both into the environment and our bodily system; now it depends upon the Federal government how soon may they sweeten the deal and make compulsory the usage of propane and CNG as an alternative way to burn the expressways.

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