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The Holly – July 8 to Aug 4

There are two distinct types of Holly individuals (a division which relates to all Celtic Tree Signs). The “new moon” character is associated with the first two weeks of a sign and the “full moon” character is associated with the last two weeks.

The “new moon” Holly individual is more inclined to become involved with the dreams and ambitions of others by providing both financial and emotional support. While this is indicative of an unselfish and sympathetic nature, it can lead to a blind optimism which may be personally damaging.

The “full moon” Holly individual is more committed to his or her own dreams and ambitions. Such people are likely to become the founding members of societies or business corporations while still retaining a sense of history and tradition. The “full moon” Holly individual, however, is frequently hypersensitive to personal criticism and may be forced to retreat periodically from the world.

hollyThe Holly – General Characteristics

In general, Holly individuals are practical, capable and steadfast in the face of adversity. Being cautious, logical and efficient, they possess a good business sense, but prefer to assist rather than lead. In relationships, Holly people are supportive, protective and possessive. Holly individuals have a tendency to strive for perfection, which often leads to loss of confidence and direction. They exhibit a large amount of personal integrity and tend to influence things a great deal, but usually behind the scenes. Their word is literally their bond and honor is their guiding principle.

The weak point of the Holly individual is sensitivity to personal criticism…his or her need for constant affection and attention can make the Holly demanding in a close relationship. There may also be a tendency to exhibit a miserly attitude. Not known to be risk-takers until all the facts have been gathered, the Holly individual possesses the ability to solve difficult problems through the use of simple logic.

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Holly individuals are attracted to banking and insurance. They are strong-willed and make for trustworthy friends with a great reserve of physical endurance. Down-to-earth people, they usually possess much spiritual contentment. The Holly individual tends to be a collector of artifacts and has an excellent eye for a “good deal.” As a mate, the Holly person is affectionate…although often overly-protective…not inclined to wander and frequently marries a childhood sweetheart. Hollies also make for tolerant and very supportive spouses and tend to have a number of close friends of both sexes. Although sometimes appearing to lack a sense of humor, this is chiefly due to the dislike of the Holly individual to laugh at the expense of another. Holly people can be reclusive and all require a quiet place of their own in which to take respite from the huge responsibilities they usually place upon themselves.


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