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Taking care of your child’s Skin during Summer

Baby skin care

The season of summer is a time of endless fun for children! This is the time of the summer vacations and not a single child loves to spend the time indoors. But they are constantly exposed to the rays of the sun, and run a high risk of being adversely affected.

What are the Risks we are Looking at?

Around 80% of our skin damages happen during childhood.
Overexposure to sun rays in childhood can create wrinkles and make the skin lose elasticity. It can also cause severe sunburns which may lead to skin cancer in future.

What are the Necessary Steps to be Taken?

#1. The Sunscreen Solution: Skin of children are very sensitive. In order to avoid any allergic reactions, Zinc Oxide sunscreens are best-suited. You also need to make sure that the sunscreen comes with a high value of SPF.

#2. Child-friendly Moisturizer: Petroleum jelly, aloe vera, and Vaseline-based moisturizers are the best ones for the skin of children. Make sure that you avoid the “good-smelling” and “good-looking” moisturizers as they contain additives which might do more harm than good.

#3. Watch that Soap: The pH level in a regular soap is a lot higher than the pH balance of the skin of a child, and results in the skin drying out faster. In order to keep the skin of your children well-nourished and moisturized, go for soaps which contain oils of palm, coconut or olive.

#4. Right Shampoo & Powder: Sweating might cause itching in the scalp and rashes in the skin. Therefore, go for a shampoo which is mild in nature and doesn’t use additives. Do not use talcum powder on children. It’s best to go with the prickly-heat powders.

#5. Proper Clothing: When your children are outside, make them wear dark-hued cotton clothes. Dark hues of green, blue and red are great in reflecting sunlight. Also make sure that their face and neck are well-protected by a broad-brimmed hat.

Follow these simple tips to ensure that this summer is filled with sunny memories for both you and your children!


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