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Subtle Healing of Zodiac Signs – Taurus :: Heart Chakra


(20 April-20 May)

Ruling planet: Venus
Group: Fixed
Colour: Burgundy, earth colours

Positive characteristics: friendly, high bearing capacity, strong willpower, developed sense of aesthetics, strong instincts, patient

Negative or weak aspects: stubborn, comfort loving, lazy, greedy, not flexible, possessive

Energy center: the heart chakra

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Taurus needs security and stability in its relationships

Taurus needs security and stability in its relationships. It thinks for the long term and believes in loyalty. It has a soothing, peacegiving nature. However it is also very possessive and could show strong jealousy if it feels insecure. It benefits from long term and profitable results in its relationships thanks to its constructive and determined nature. It is determined and gives a feeling of security. Its best qualities are its sense of aesthetics and the importance it gives to peace and harmony. Physically strong. Productive and creative in partnerships.

Its weak points are its stubbornness and unlogical insistence. This could lead to stalemates in its relationships if jealousy is also involved. It might not be able to think creatively and flexible enough. Needs to be more flexible and needs imagination. Could have difficulty improving itself because of its one-track mind.

The sign of Venus, Taurus, has a feminine and magnetic attraction

The sign of Venus, Taurus, has a feminine and magnetic attraction. It displays clear attitudes without speaking and confusing things too much. Taurus natives prefer long term relationships.

They love food, shopping and all the joys of love. Very loyal and so have long lasting friendships. They listen to their friends’ problems and try to help. Form attachments to things and people very easily because of strong possessive instincts. The ruling planet for this sign, Venus, controls our heart chakra.

The heart chakra gives feelings of love, compassion, protection and loyalty. However, a badly affected heart chakra carries these feelings to an extreme and creates attachments. Taurus people can use their inbuilt positive heart qualities at a maximum if they confront their attachments and overcome their possessiveness.



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