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Studying Abroad – An overview of educational information North America

Overview: North America is the 3rd largest of the 7 continents. It is made up of 23 countries including Canada, Greenland, Mexico, United States, and all the countries of Central America and the island countries and dependencies of the Caribbean. North America is one of the more prosperous of the seven continents.

Languages Spoken : English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, various native Indian languages, French patois, Creole. Learning the appropriate language for a study abroad program is helpful for candidates applying for summer study abroad programs or study abroad scholarships.

Education System Information for study abroad candidates:

Post-secondary education for study abroad candidates and others in the United States is known as college or university and commonly consists of four years of study at an institution of higher learning. Students including study abroad candidates traditionally apply to receive admission into college, with varying difficulties of entrance. Schools differ in their competitiveness and reputation; generally, the most prestigious schools are private, rather than public.

Eligibility Criteria – Exams to clear for study abroad programs : :

Admissions criteria involve the rigor and grades earned in high school courses taken, the study abroad students’ GPA, class ranking, and standardized test scores (Such as the SAT or the ACT tests). Most colleges also consider more subjective factors such as a commitment to extracurricular activities, a personal essay, and an interview.

One has to give various tests to apply for study abroad programs. You will have to take at least one of the English proficiency tests like TOEFL, TSE and IELTS are to be cleared for study abroad programs.

SAT and ACT required for study abroad Undergraduate Level (Bachelor Degree Programs). For study abroad Graduate Level (Master’s & Doctoral Degree Programs), GRE General and GRE Subjects are required to be cleared. GMAT is required for study abroad Business/Management Programs all over the world.

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