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The Rowan – Jan 21 to Feb 17

There are two distinct types of Rowan individuals . The “new moon” character is associated with the first two weeks of a sign and the “full moon” character is associated with the last two weeks.

The “new moon” Rowan individual –  tends to become impatient and frustrated in the struggle toward a greater awareness. Although such Rowans may never be quite reticent on a personal level, they will nonetheless help to pioneer great social changes with reforming zeal.

The “full moon” Rowan individuals are less reticent all around, but are inclined to promise more than they are able to deliver. However, this will not negate their powerful influence and inspiration, and their response to every situation is primarily directed toward asserting the rights of the individual.


General Rowan Characteristics:

In general, Rowan individuals are basically idealistic and progressive thinkers possessed of visionary minds, coupled with strong humanitarian and spiritual principles. They thrive on change, becoming impatient with convention or restriction. Artistic, original and unconventional, Rowan people can appear to others as detached and aloof for they are self-contained individuals and their vision is not necessarily always shared by the rest of humanity.

Their cool temperament disguises many passionate beliefs and the need is always present for these individuals to argue their case against bigotry and ignorance. If Rowans are unable to find an outlet for their powerful imagination, they easily become restless and quarrelsome. Being true individuals who hate conformity, Rowans are natural born leaders but, because they often adopt unpopular causes, sometimes have very few followers.

They are kind and thoughful people but have problems in following others, which can lead to serious authority issues. Rowan people make for excellent listeners and are very respectful of others’ opinions. Since they are somewhat unconventional characters in their approach to life, however, they have a tendency to be a little tactless and may alienate people. Rowans are also liable to antagonize through debate and escalate a situation out of proportion.

In terms of a career, the Rowan individual is naturally drawn toward modern technology and possesses an overwhelming desire to reorganize and improve on anything which might be outdated.

Rowans are sympathetic bosses but would rather not take on responsibility for others. They frequently have diverse interests and tend to tinker with everything since they are extremely inventive people. The Rowan’s sense of humor leans a little toward the odd side, with a propensity to laugh at serious issues…a trait that tends to reinforce their inherent knack for alienation.

The unpredictable aspect of Rowans is a weak point in terms of relationships and they tend to be somewhat unromantic by nature. They usually marry later in life because they are reluctant to lightly make such a committment and also reluctant to relinquish personal freedom…it is not easy to find a partner who will understand this.

Rowans can, however, enjoy extremely successful marriages if the chosen partner shares the same way of thinking. They are supportive parents, but will expect a great deal of independence from their children.


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