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Mobile Web Development is it Maddening or is it great?

Finally the spider has weaved its web in the telephony world. Yes finally we are able to access the web through our mobile phones. Are you in a hurry to redesign or at least design your site for the mobile platform? So what will you do when you are having such a plan with you? For all those who are in love with Mobile Web Development can take a look at some simplified points. Here we take you down some points written on the following lines.Mobile Web Development

  • Don’t be into too much of stylizing, that might just kill your website. If you are considering the WAP enabled devices then it would go well with XHTML contents. What you need to incorporate into your contents should be raw and not stylized.
  • The mobile website is zeroed down to useful and efficient content leaving all those ornamentations behind; because of the constricted width of the screens. The contents are reorganized.
  • Hand held style-sheets are rather mobile friendly. However in most cases they hardly offer much value though. They are primarily concerned with aesthetics.

So what do you think; how good is this mobile web development story?

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