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Frictions before homeostasis

Frictions before homeostasis

It is true that there are frictions and divisions everywhere in the world, and so too is the case in India. And mostly they are openly visible.
But I also believe that before a state of homeostasis is reached, there is always a state of turbulence that precedes it, because that is the only way by which all that is unnecessary and which is problematic comes to the surface and is weeded out . Also, the reality and the truth is exposed spontaneously which may be masked when everything is going fine.
Hence, we should all learn to witness what is going on without reacting. But that does not mean that we simply remain indifferent about what is going on. We have to learn to speak out in a civil manner whenever it is needed and also know when to remain quiet.
In short, we have to use our discretion and at the same time surrender the problem to the Divine who will use us as instruments by guiding us through intuitions and sudden insights, how to deal with differences and disagreements which arise within the society.

Homeostasis and Sagar Manthan.

Before a state of homeostasis is reached in any sphere of existence….be it a human organism, ecological and environmental issues, those concerning a society or those dealing with economic, cultural and moral issues affecting humanity, there is always a period of turbulence which precedes it, so that all that is unwholesome, corrupt, and detrimental to the welfare of the whole is exposed for all to see and finally destroyed.
What we are witnessing today at a global level is a churning or “sagar-manthan” of the modern age … where only after this period of trial and error brought about by our collective wrong and unwise choices, the nectar or “the amrit” will finally emerge.

Till then, atleast those of us who can remain a detached witness continue to do that and yet be proactive by putting our enlightened attention on what is happening. As more and more people realize the truth and see their folly, the time is bound to come when all that is based on foundation of untruth, corruption, foul play and pandering to lower instincts of men like hatred and greed is finally destroyed.
When such a day will dawn will entirely depend upon more and more human beings who will learn to give precedence to altruism rather than give in to their own selfish greed or conditionings.
But the beginning has been made. There are many who have started to see through falsehood, lies and deceit ….. but many many more yet need to be awakened !

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Armaity Bhabha, A Sahaja Yoga Meditation Practitioner


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