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Fish Pedicure – Popular way to get Softer Feet

fish pedicure

Are you heart-broken with how quickly your feet have turned hard and old? Well, you can always go for fish pedicure. It is a popular form of treatment in most spas all throughout the world where a visitor has to just keep his feet dipped in a pool of water, and let the fishes take full responsibility of their special assignment!

Thought to have originated in the Central and Northern Middle East countries like Iran, Iraq and Turkey, this form of treatment soon spread to the other parts of the world. The Garra Rufa fish (affectionately known as the Doctor Fish) which are found in their natural habitat in the river beds and hot springs of Middle East, nibbles on the dead and damaged skin cells of the feet and makes them smooth and soft.

Fish pedicure is fun! The fish eat away dead skin, but they do not bite. Therefore, this treatment does not hurt at all; instead there is a slight ticklish feeling with 100 tiny fishes nibbling on your feet. The reason why fish pedicure is so popular are –

#1. With all the dead and hard skin peeled off and eaten away, this treatment improves the overall cleanliness of the feet. There is no longer any layers of skin left which had lost its shine.

#2. This treatment can be extremely beneficial to people who are suffering from arthritis as it involves heat treatment.

#3. With the aging cortex and skin smear gone, the pores are no longer obstructed and then there is also better blood circulation.

#4. This treatment is also a great stress buster as it stimulates the acupuncture points. As a result, it modulates the nervous system and makes the body lose fatigue.

#5. Severe conditions of calluses, corns and fissures in the heels which can lead to major foot problems in the future can be prevented though this treatment and can lead to fresh, supple and healthy feet.


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