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Bharani, means “The Bearing Star“, also known as “The Star of Restraint“.

  • Bharani is ruled by Yama, the God of Death.
  • This is the second nakshatra of the zodiac, ranging from 13°-20′ to 26°-40′.
  • The planet of art and beauty, the Venus, rules this nakshatra.
  • The energy of Bharani is called ugra or krura, which translates as harsh, powerful, hot, formidable and fierce.

This star is under the planetary lordship of Venus and is within the sign of Aries, ruled by Mars.

  • The star Bharani represents the character of Agni Rasi Tamo Guna.
  • The etymological meaning of Bharani is “what deserves to be cultivated and preserved” that is dependence, servitors, retainers or anything by which living is earned.
  • Bharani’s animal symbol is the Elephant.
  • This star is connected with the energies we expend to maintain ourselves in the material world.Bharani Nakshatra takes away that which has reached its term of life to a new condition. It shows the movement of the soul away from the body. It conveys ideas pertaining to discipline, self-control to be faithful, be firm, enduring supporting, maintaining, nourishing, etc. In case of strong malefic influences , persons may develop extreme tendencies like crimes, murders, terrorism, etc.


Positive Traits
Clever and able to do tasks fast, desires new experiences, spontaneous, dutiful, loyal to family and friends, courageous attitude, good health/longevity, talented in career, satisfied, leader – does well in public life, creative, artistic and materialistic.
Negative Traits
Over burdened, has too much to do, restless, amoral, fickle, too clever, resists control and restraint, stubborn, childlike, vulnerable, vigor bothers others, don’t pace themselves, needs discipline, irritable, impatient, potential to burnout, sexually indulgent, vane, moralist, judgmental.
Career Interests
Publishers, writers, film and music, occultist, psychics, hypnotists, astrologers, psychologists, entrepreneurs, business people, financial consultants, lawyers, builders, children & childbirth, hospitality industry – caterers, cooks and hotel staff.

Sun’s Positions of the Nakshatras (Birthstars)

Bharani (The River of Souls) April 28-May 12

Intelligent, tactful, fame, respected, wealth, creative nature, issue with anger and pride and militant nature.

Famous people: Sigmund Freud, Jack Nicholson, Saddam Hussein, Orson Wells.

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