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Standard Capacity of Auto Parking Lift and Residential Car Storage System

Automated Mechanical Parking System also called Auto Parking Lift system can have a capacity of between 12 and 70 Car/SUV parking spaces depending on the height of the unit. It requires a small land foot print (7.5 x 6.9 Meters) to accommodate such a number of parking spaces. Usually residential areas use the space for convenient home car lift storage system.

Parking Lift System – How It Operates

It operates by the driver parking the vehicle in the parking bay at the entrance level. Once the driver leaves the safety zone incorporated into the parking bay, the system automatically commences the vehicle parking procedure.

First, a turntable built into the lift turns the car through 180 degrees to ensure all cars are parked facing the direction of the exit. This facilitates the quick, safe and convenient retrieval of the vehicle from the auto parking lift system. The car is then elevated to its designated parking level and is the moved automatically to the left or right depending on which space has been allocated.

The operation of this kind of vehicle storage system is governed by a computer and its status is monitored on an ongoing basis. The use of a PIN code or Parking ticket identifies the vehicle position within the Car Parking Lift system, allowing for the quick retrieval of the vehicle on demand.

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