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Professional And Personal Etiquettes To Remember While Tweeting

Tweets and re-tweets on the social media website might often come across as rude and offensive. Here are some professional and personal etiquettes to remember while tweeting.

Political and Religious Views
Healthy debate should not turn offensive and abusive. While it is alright to discuss religious and political issues, one should be careful not to hurt any particular religious sentiment, or demean any political view.

Circulation Of Personal Information
Blogs and posts are meant to be intuitive and ingenious. However, there is a fine line that separates the intuitive expression of personal information and professional viewpoint. Sharing personal information when you have a list of followers who are not necessarily your friends and relatives is not a good option. Not only do people take a vicarious pleasure in reading other people’s private information, but it might also result in a lot of confusion and unwanted sensationalization.

Tweeting At An Event
Having all your attention diverted to the screen of the cell phone at any event may not go down too well with the host. Therefore, it is best not to adopt such means. It is best to tweet about the event either before or after attending it. If you are tweeting while it is underway, then there are chances that you might miss important bits of information.

Get Clear Permission Before Tweeting
When attending an event such as an official launch party, then it is always wise to get clear permission from the authorities before tweeting about the product so that you do not hamper the company secrecy in any way. By taking this simple step, you can also avoid legal hassles that might arise due to your over-enthusiasm, or plain carelessness.

Handling A Pitched Tweet
Emails from brands asking for tweets and re-tweets about product launches, or promotional events is nothing new. There is no harm in re-tweeting such an event, but it is better not done if the email looks odd. Nothing turns off followers than a promotional catch-all, and these things are best avoided.


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