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Preventing a second heart attack.


Heart attack is the popular term for sudden pain in chest with breathing difficulty arising out of certain heart conditions. Heart attacks can be suddenly fatal, but the great majority- an estimated 85 percent are not. The patient recovers under proper treatment and goes on to live many useful years.

Heart Attack Symptoms :

There are some early symptoms, which may be important to watch for. Their appearance calls for a visit to the doctor for a check up at specialized health care centers. The symptoms are:

    • Dizzy spell or fainting fits
    • Discomfort following meals, especially if long continued.
    • Shortness of breath, after slight exertion.
    • Fatigue with out otherwise explained origin.
    • Pain or tightness in the chest a common sign of coronary insufficiency is usually constrictive in nature and is located behind the chest bone with radiation into the arms or a sense of numbness or a severe pain in the center of the chest
    • Palpitation

      Preventing a second heart attack:
      The best chances of preventing a second heart attack come from a combination of medications and change of diet and lifestyle and regular check-ups from specialized health service providers:

      Drugs: Aspirin and beta blockers(drugs like Tenormin), have been shown to reduce chances of a second heart attack and improve future survival.

      Diet: reducing weight and dietary fat.

      Lifestyle: Stopping smoking, , controlling blood pressure and diabetes, and a reduction of serum cholesterol, along with regular, carefully prescribed exercise can all improve the quality of life and longevity after a heart attack.

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