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Natural Conflicts with Chemicals

Ayurveda says natural cures are mere supports to strengthen further your body’s own capabilities while allopathic remedies comprise ingredients that fight themselves to ward the symptoms off. This has proved to have got started two distinct followings if we leave out Homoeopathy and alternate healing theories aside. But all of them do agree on a point, the cure in all demands a lifestyle change. It’s because reducing stress allows the body to heal faster and the body’s capability to recover also gets a boost. The approach is; however, different in all of them.

As mentioned in the very beginning, allopathic medicines fight themselves, but they fight only against specific symptoms. At times, they may also prove hefty for the other organs of the same system, something we call side effects. We appreciate modern medicine’s power to diversify and compartmentalize but this perfection do have its flaws. Still, when crucial moments arrive, nothing can replace surgery and allopathic drugs.

Allopathic medicines, so far, have maintained keeping an average of over a quarter-of-a-million deaths through iatrogenic (complication induced through therapy) ailments. Certain cardiovascular diseases and cancer are the side effects of regular allopathic drugs.

But they can be transformed to safer substances, the formulations of their residues being neutralized. The way is to switch over to herbal medicines immediately as the chemicals halt.

Chemicals disrupt the psychosomatic balance which herbs put right back in proper combinations. For example, in this case, it should be Brahmi, Mandukaparni and Ashvagandha; to treat a general loss of energy, the combination should be of Gokshura, Kokilaksha and Sarpagandha and so on. The dosages are to be continued at least over six months before tapering it down over the next six. The reason is to support a disrupted system completely while also mending it up and then allowing it to take over slowly as in seasoning. To know how, keep watching this thread.

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