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Osteoarthritis – Clinical Study and Drug Trials, OC

OSTEOARTHRITIS, also known as degenerative joint disease, almost uniformly accompanies ageing. Generally it has an insidious onset and a variable relationship of symptoms and functional impairment with slowly accumulating radiographic and pathologic evidence of its presence. As a clinical research practice, both paid clinical trials in Orange County and other research trials in Orange County…

Experimental medicine and clinical research trials facilities in Riverside

Various Clinical Research Trials Facilities, Riverside The network of clinical research centers in Riverside engaged in experimental medicine and various clinical research trial facilities in Riverside aim to speed up the translation of scientific advances into real benefits for patients. Such medical research trial information centers in Los Angeles provide significant opportunities for scientists to…

Clinical staff support at clinical research centers in Riverside

A team of highly-qualified nursing staff, clinicians, clinical support workers, radiographers, human performance laboratory (HPL) etc are employed on a permanent basis from a range of clinical specialties to help support studies at the clinical research trials facility in Riverside. Each research project will be allocated to a nursing team who can assist with: Study…

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