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Vert-A-Pac- The new age auto storage system

Have you heard of Vert-A-Pac? Ever since auto carriers came into being, we’d find a new type every year; from the ones called the box cars that offered restricted auto storage and carrying facilities to the new age auto carriers that offer ample space and perfect storing benefits. The Vert-A-Pac is a result of the joint effort of General Motors and Southern Pacific Railroad; it has been created to ship vehicles in a nose down position. Well I was talking about the cars that had to be positioned in a vertical manner with their snout down. These auto rack storage systems were particularly designed for a specific model manufactured by the GM, so that these vehicles could be transported easily without being damaged.

Auto Rack Storage

Today with the help of auto rack storage facilities big vehicles are transported from one place to the other on road or via sea-routes. With these storage systems, one can store multiple cars in just one space.


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