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The Ash – Feb 18 to March 17

There are two distinct types of Ash individuals (a division which relates to all Celtic Tree Signs). The “new moon” character is associated with the first two weeks of a sign and the “full moon” character is associated with the last two weeks.

The “new moon” Ash individual tends to be more impulsive and demonstrative when it comes to emotional relationships. Although he or she may appear apprehensive, hiding beneath the surface is an immensely spontaneous person.

The “full moon” Ash individual tend to be a natural exhibitionist who responds to situations with great generosity of spirit. This may be considered by some as a certain gullibility or naivete, but this apparent weakness is just that…merely apparent. In truth, it is the outward display of a humble spirit…a rare and much-coveted quality.


In general, all Ash individuals tend to have duality in their natures. On one side, they are artistic with an aura of vulnerability…on the other side, they are quite pragmatic. Being compassionate and sensitive, they understand the baser elements of humankind, as well as the spiritual aspect. The compassion of Ash individuals also extends to the animal kingdom and they have an innate ability to relieve suffering, both by physical nursing and the power of prayer.

The faith of the Ash is rarely orthodox in a religious sense, but they are highly intuitive individuals, often possessing a strong deeper sense of spiritual matters. Ash people are highly adaptable and, despite a frail appearance, can recover from almost any emotional blow. On the negative side, those governed by the Ash frequently experience trouble when handling the more mundane practicalities of everyday living. Often easily influenced by others, the Ash individual can be low on self-confidence and may become isolated.

Ash people have a creative genuis for making money but frequently fail to carry a project or idea through to its completion. As children, they require careful direction in order to learn how to use their talents to the fullest potential. Possessed of a somewhat mystical quality, Ash individuals are drawn to fantasy worlds. They adore the theater and movies, frequently blessed with beautiful singing voices although their preference is to work behind the scenes. They are also usually attracted to the ocean…or any other body of water…sometimes with fascination and sometimes with fear. There is no compromise for the vulnerable Ash individual where water is concerned…it will be one or the other.

The career of the Ash person should never involve a routine which is too strict. The arts are a good choice but, because of the compassionate nature of these individuals, they are often drawn to the medical field and are good at organizing charitable functions.

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Ash individuals are quick-witted, spontaneous and gregarious. They possess a lively curiosity and are intelligent, persuasive speakers. Being enthusiastic, inquisitive and communicative, Ash people love engaging in discussions about new ideas and projects. They are gentle individuals and, though easily hurt, are able to cope well with the negative in addition to the positive. They make for kind and considerate friends, ideal sweethearts and caring parents.

On the negative side, Ash people possess a nebulous quality which can lead to an inability to cope with the practicalities of everyday living. They are also easily influenced by others and have a hypersensitive nature which can undermine their self-confidence and ambitions. It is important for Ash people to focus their mental abilities or they are inclined to become nervous and irritable.

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