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Subtle Healing of Zodiac Signs – Virgo:: 2nd / Sacral Chakra


(24 August – 24 September)

Ruling planet: Mercury
Group: Mutable
Colour: Shades of blue and green

Positive characteristics: brave, sincere, dynamic, freedom loving, spontaneous, adventurous, takes initiatives, inspiring, childlike enthusiasm

Negative or weak aspects: rushing into things, ego, demanding everything immediately, reacting

Energy center: the second chakra, swadisthan


Hardworking, neat and practical

Hardworking, neat and practical. Loves being orderly, systemized and organized. Best organizers. Pays attention to detail. Perfectionists and can become critical because of this. Health conscious. They want health in all aspects, physical, mental and spiritual. Most natives of this sign is interested in natural ailments, vegetables and herbal healing.

They love to research and learn. Trust concrete and realistic results. Inquisitive and analyzing. Their inquisitiveness could turn into dogmatism and pose a threat to Virgos who are in fact seeking knowledge.

Hygiene is important for them.

Joyful people with their wit and humour.

Joyful people with their wit and humour. They make others like them with the help of their intelligence. Tend to serve others and work to the benefit of the society. Prefer to work in a well functioning organization rather than come to the fore.

Ruled by Mercury. Mercury also governs our second chakra. This chakra gives us pure attention, pure knowledge and pure creativity. The researcher and detail oriented virgo can become the victim of indulging into too much detail in its quest for pure knowledge.

This sign can attain the pure knowledge it has always been searching for without drowning in details but with a relaxed mind and the light of attention if they can use their swadisthan chakra positively. They can thus create progressive and enlightened thoughts that will have a positive effect on the society.


Information Source – Sahaja Yoga Portal


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