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Subtle Healing of Zodiac Signs – Scorpio :: 7th / Crown Chakra


(24 October-22 November)

Ruling planet: Mars and Pluto
Group: Fixed
Element: Water
Colour: Dark red, maroon

Positive characteristics: power to transform themselves, deep perception, intuition, bearing and determined, ability to influence others

Negative or weak aspects: jealousy, possessiveness, holding grudges, doubtfullness, indulgence in power

Energy center: the seventh chakra, Sahasrara


A difficult sign to understand

A difficult sign to understand that can live in the extremes. Enjoys both physical and deep inner power. Has strong magnetism, depth and desire to be powerful. Forces all limits. Has the capacity to heal itself under every circumstance.

Can continue its inner and outer struggle in a determined way without deviating from its goal even in the most difficult or dangerous circumstances. Likes to work alone, loneliness never bores them. Work with patience and diligence. Has infinite energy.

Strong instincts. Can understand a person or event deeply with the first glance. Can be harsh if blurts out emotions. Speaks harsh when angry and can expose the weak sides of a person. Can be possessive in relationships. Could make life difficult both for themselves and for the people around them by displaying dominating and jealous behaviour.

Never gives out secrets.

Scorpio is like a locked up box and is an expert at conceiling things about itself. Hides its emotions despite being a water sign. Never gives out secrets.

Has the capacity to renew itself after even the most difficult events. Interested in the meaning of life, death and life after death. Under the effect of the war planet Mars and the power of power and deep transformation, Pluto. Mars gives this sign a great bearing capacity and sense of control.

Pluto gives it mystery, deep understanding and instincts. Mars also governs our Mooladhara chakra and so is deeply connected with life. Our first chakra gives us innocence and child like magnetism coming from innocence and purity. However, a badly used Mars could lead Scorpios into extremes in sexuality and use their magnetic power in a destructive way.

Scorpios can transform both themselves and their surroundings if they strengthen the positive qualities of innocence, purity and wisdom within their first chakra.

Pluto, is also the planet of our last chakra, the Sahasrara

The second planet that rules Scorpio, Pluto, is also the planet of our last chakra, the Sahasrara. This establishes our connection with the Divine power, with the eternal cosmic energy. Pluto brings about deep changes. Pluto is a mysterious and powerful planet that gives a person a natural charisma and influence. Natives of this sign are as attached to life as they are interested in death and the afterlife, the transformation of the spirit.

They can demonstrate very beneficial spiritual transformation if they use their Pluto power positively. They can become good leaders. However, to do so they must see their weak points, get over their doubts and insecurities and their ego. Only then can they serve as channels of the transforming power of divine love.



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