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Steps to follow while scraping your car

If you have an old car and want to dispose it off. You might feel that getting it repaired is worthless as it involves a large amount. In such a situation, you must Sell Your Junk Car in junk yard. Selling your car at junk yard is an ideal option as you will get good amount instead of it. Moreover, junk yard dispose off the car in an environmental friendly way.

Searching a junk yard is an easy task as you can easily search it on the Internet which will save your time. Even if you want to see the scrap yards in a particular city or state like in WA, then you have to write the state name after the keyword. However, there are few things which you must keep in mind while selling it at a junk yard. These are as follows:

  • Firstly, you must try to search a scrap yard in your local area but be aware for its registration. You can search online to find an authentic dealer who would scrap your car in a proper way.
  • The company which you choose must be excellent in customer service. You can recognize a good scrap yard by analyzing the services it provides.
  • Registered companies generally do not charge any amount but the companies which are fake always charge something for their services. The registered companies in fact offer free scraps to dispose of your car.
  • The representatives of that company which you have selected will come at your place to tow your car.
  • If you want to fetch a good amount of money, then you can remove the parts of the car and sell them individually. These parts of the car can be purchased by someone else who wants to rebuild
    his/her old car.
  • Proper documentation is also essential for this. The junk yard owner to whom you have sold your car will give you the destruction certificate. This certificate is a DVLA certificate. This is a necessary document as it acts as a proof that you have disposed of the car and you are not the owner of that car. This will save you from the fines in future.

If you dispose of your car in the above mentioned ways then you are protecting the environment and would also earn deduction in total tax.


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