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Signs of Androgenic Activities revealed in Autistic Individuals

A recent survey conducted on 12 prepubertal children with autistic traits by experts from the psychiatry department revealed a startling truth that took us by surprise. The survey revealed that 4 out of these 12 children showed signs of secondary sexual traits. The observations unveiled peculiar characteristics suggesting intense androgenic activities in autistic children. Such high androgenic traits actually trigger abnormalities in brain development damaging cognitive functions.

The study only suggested that a co-relation exists between intense androgenic and aggressive behavior. Researchers actually tested testosterone collected from autistic children to study androgenic activities in the later. The study actually suggested that hyper androgenic traits typically lead to aggressive behavior in children. However, researchers also came up with other findings that suggested testosterone density also directly linked with other autistic symptoms. These experts are continuing with their researches to find out further if hyper androgenic characteristics lead to other primary disorders. Today centers for autism treatment and recovery are offering activities for autistic children so that they are able to sustain a better life ahead.


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