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Science and Pure Knowledge or Wisdom – What we actually need.


The knowledge about “thousand petaled golden lotus” on top of one’s head is known among many spiritual traditions and meditation practices. But how to actualize this has been a privilege of only a handful of advanced souls who have achieved their enlightenment and experienced the glow of it.
To reach this far has not been easy and no amount of theoretical knowledge gotten by reading about this, has helped anyone to actually experience this golden lotus.

Now however, these are “blossom times” as Shri Mataji Nirmala Devicalls these days of Ghor Kaliyuga , when all those who have been actively seeking for the Divine in many of their lifetimes, are going to be rewarded. They will be born at this time as nomal householders but on the strength of their pure desire, be able to achieve their salvation (moksh) within their physical bodies, without having to give them up as in the past.
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi came down on this earth to fulfill this last great work…. of giving pure knowledge of the Divine to those seeking it and helping them to cross the narrow agnya chakra (6th chakra) situated at the optic chiasma and enter the limbic area of the brain where the sahasrara, the 7th chakra… the area of the golden thousand petaled lotus is situated. When the rising kundalini in the parasympathetic (sushumna nadi) enters the sahasrara, it enlightens it and the 1000 nerves there get enlightened and they resemble golden petals of a blooming lotus fully opened out.
This experience has been made possible, only after Shri Mataji opened the sahasrara of the Virata on 5th May 1970 at a beach at Nargol, Gujarat. Now, giving of enmasse realization is possible due to that.
In the light of the above, one has to realize the immensity of Shri Mataji’s work. With Her Grace, She has gifted humanity with the highest Divine Knowledge possible. She has lifted the consciousness of human beings above the normal human consciousness triggering of a next step in evolution.
Comparing our small human efforts (in the name of science) to Her work is like trying to go back to kindergarten after having been awarded doctorate degrees in Pure Ultimate Knowledge (Shuddh Nirmal Vidya).

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Armaity Bhabha, A Sahaja Yoga Meditation Practitioner


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