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Rosacea- A painful skin condition and taking care of it

skin care for sentive skin

Rosacea!!  Oh God could there be a worse skin condition than this? This chronic irritable skin condition don’t seem to have too many of solutions. Rosacea attacks both male and female subjects alike and is a painful inflammatory situation causing red flushes on the skin. Mostly affecting the women population, rosacea attacks are common in an age group ranging between 30-60 years. In majority cases these bumps resemble acne like features having pus. In case this skin condition is left untreated it flares up thickening the skin layer. Rosacea also attacks the nose which actually gets swollen on being infected with this typical skin condition. This particular irritable skin condition creates redness, dryness, and highly sensitive eyes as a result of which the vision may get damaged. Today there are several treatments available for skin care for sensitive skin.

skin care for sensitive skin

The different types of skin care for sensitive skin, especially for those suffering from Rosacea are discussed below:

  • Homeopathic Treatment
  • Herbal treatments
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Vegan balanced diet
  • Acupuncture
  • Chinese treatment

However experts are of the opinion that indigestion may also lead to such painful skin conditions. A natural dietary approach can help you get rid of chronic skin disorders. At least it gets eliminated in a matter of few years. In-take of fruits, vegetables and non-oily food actually help you get a glowing and smooth skin. You also get rid of these irritable outbreaks by following a sane diet chart.