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Pope's Election is the Second Most Popular Twitter Event After President Obama's Election

Have you tweeted to congratulate the new pope on 12th or 13th March, right after the white smoke came out of Sistine chapel? Well, that was not enough to make the new pope break the record of President Obama’s record of getting congratulations through tweets last year, after the presidential election. According to Twitter, it saw around 7 million tweets about the new pope, while the record of receiving it was a whopping 132,000 tweets every minute. But, He still did not manage to beat President Obama.

In November 2012, Twitter saw a ground breaking record of 237,000 tweets every minute, right after President Barack Obama was elected the new president of the United States. The election night alone saw a stock of 20 million tweets related to the result of the presidential election. If the papal election with too much hype could not beat this record, what else is going to?

Till now, Pope Francis has managed to remain in the second position in the tweets per minute category, right ahead of the tweets registered after the reunion concert of the Spice Girls (116,000 tweets every minute). Next spot has been sealed by the event of Usain Bolt’s gold medal in the London Olympics (88,000 tweets every minute).

Another organization keeps the pontiff a little ahead of where he is. Topsy, the social media analysis company came up with a record a bit higher than what Twitter claims it to be. According to them, the 2 hours following the end of the conclave saw around 4 million tweets. After 1 hour of the election, pope managed to be in 8 of the Twitter’s top 10 hot topics of the hour.

Where were the Tweets from?

The Argentines topped the list of Tweets related to the pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio with a whopping 19%. But, the Americans were in the first position with 21%.

President Obama appeared on ‘Good Morning America’ of ABC news much before the announcement of the conclave was made public. There he said that he wished an American Cardinal would become the pope, because he believed, an American pope will be as efficient as a Guatemalan pope, an Italian pope or a Polish pope would be. But, his prime concern was having a pope who would uphold the fundamental message in Gospel.


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