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The Motto of the planet Pluto is: “I transform”.

Pluto is the outermost and smallest “planet” of our solar system and was discovered in the Kuiper Belt, 18 February anno 1930 by Clyde W. Tombaugh.

Pluto has enjoyed the status of a planet for over 75 years. But today it is no longer regarded as a planet but was demoted to a dwarf planet / object in August anno 2006th.

In anno 1992 it was discovered that in the neighborhood of Pluto; called the Kuiper belt, there are many other Pluto-like planet. These include the dwarf planet Eris/UB131, which was discovered in 2005 and advertised as a planet slightly larger and brighter than Pluto.

Eris distance from the Sun is about. 10.3 billion kilometers, its diameter around. 2400 km. And it has 1 moon.

The Kuiper Belt include also the dwarf planet “Sedna”, which was discovered in anno 2003 and is the most distant object in the solar system until now. Sedna may be part of the inner Oort cloud farther out than the Kuiper Belt. The Oort cloud is located in the interstellar space beyond the solar wind range and is a nearly circular cloud of ice cubes in orbit around the sun, which encapsulates the solar system from 3 trillion to 30 trillion km.

Then certain IAU / “The International Astronomical Union”, that a planet must orbit the Sun and may not be a satellite to other than the sun, it must be so large that its own gravity makes it round, and so great that it sweeps its immediate neighborhood clean.

And Pluto does not live up to the last name, because there are other celestial bodies in the Kuiper Belt, where Pluto’s orbit stretches out, and therefore provisional call themselves “Dwarf planet”.

Pluto’s distance from the sun is about. 5.9 billion km/5.913.520.000 km. Therefore, there is relatively dark at this “planet”. Its diameter is approx. 2304 km. Its period around the sun lasts approx. 247.9 year. The days/rotation time of Pluto is approx. 6.4 Earth days.

Pluto is composed of 70% rock and 30% water ice covered with frozen methane. And there are approx. – 230 degrees cold.

The surface and atmosphere of Pluto, may consist of carbon monoxide, nitrogen, methane and small amounts of organic material.

NASA’s “New Horizons” probe arrives at Pluto around anno 2015, to study its atmosphere and surface.

Pluto has 3 moons, named Charon, Hydra and Nix.

Pluto is the dwarf planet/object prevailing over collective mass movements of one every kind. It supplies his subjects with a feminine energy and opens up the secret forces and the hidden sides of ourselves. Pluto is the symbol of the underworld, death and rebirth/resurrection. For it degrades old forms and rebuild new. It stands for deep transformation, creative power, destruction, power and powerlessness. It is associated with human sexual hidden force, the creative force of nature.

Pluto is considered as a higher octave of Mars and is particularly attached to anything that has deep roots in the subconscious and everything that goes on below the surface and underground. It therefore made in relation to the foredeck, The Secret, dictatorships, cruelty, conspiracy, war, abuse of power, power, exercising power, mass executions, perversity, sadism, torture & discomfort.

Pluto-like man with anatomical features that are medium, strong body, face, high forehead and straight nose, dark eyes and dark hair. ” The term is a little devilish, his eyes have an unfathomable depth and seem to bore right through a ‘.

Pluto is the bridge to “The unknown space” and provides energy, such as nuclear, radioactive and other negative radiation. But when it lies parallel to the spiritual plane called Keter, it contain therefore also part of the same luminous loving energy as this. However, the higher vibration of Pluto is not yet been awakened, but when it happens, an unknown cause capacity arise and spread out into our Solar System.

Pluto tell us that there is not fare from darkness to light – and that the dualite have to go together and be ONE!

But yet on Pluto there is only barren sand dunes and sand banks of bleached white sand. Only around the equator, there is activity of trade between many star systems. For here are ports of star ships between loads of everything between heaven and earth.

The permanent unphysical beings of Pluto is called The Plutonies. The angels/gods of Pluto include: “The four great Archangels” and Archangel Metatron and the Thron angles/Aralim/Seraphim / “the holy angels chorus.”

Archangel Metatron teaches us to use our spiritual power to connect with God and do well for others. Archangel Metatron also records all of our actions and put that record in a book that would be referred to after your life while evaluating it. Metatron is a very supportive and encouraging angel and helps in solving our problems. For instance, we may ask this archangel to help us break our connections with any entity whether it is with non-living things or living beings. Metatron takes special care of those who are sensitive, especially of children. Since the children are full of innocence and love they do not have any ill feelings for everyone. Metatron tries to keep children aloof from the negative energies like anger, inattentiveness, depression, abuse, etc and maintain their state of positivity.

The Seal/Sigil/Symbol/Attribute/characters of Pluto are: “The Pluto” sign “, manifested through 4 different seals.

1) consists of the Moon-sign inside the circle. Circle (the divine consciousness) and half moon (soul). This shows that awareness and soul should be joined, and in human dignity / creative power contained in the eternal cycle.

2) The P-type sign stands for Percival Lowell, the researcher who tried to map the planet’s orbit.

3) Half Moon lying down above which hovers a bullet.

4) Do 2 half moons lying down and overlapping over each other, they are combined to form a circle in the middle.

The other seals of Pluto include:

The oval circle, nuclear plants, The bridges, The wells, The cup, The Cell Formation, The Charon, “The severed head,” The Diamond,

colors: crimson, indigo, scarlet & black, The flames, Reproductive performance , The Hades,

The Wheel The Cross, Hydra, Fire, Ice, Land, rocks, The dunes, The war helmet, war machines,

The Kuiper belt, Lava, Kathleen, The Crown Chakra,

The coins, Nix, whip, Planet Pluto, Plutonium, The rainbow, The row boats, incense coach, sarcophagus, Sand Hills, garlands, The Jackal, The skeleton, The Scorpio, spade, wand, Path 31/Shin/Tand, swans, swords, number 1, 10 & 300, tarot: “The death” / “man with Kathleen,” “The Wheel of Fortune” The Fool & “The Wizard” During World , Yin & Yang.

A good day to meditate on the The Crown Chakra and The “planet” Pluto, is particularly on Sundays. Since the energy will be in extra strong connection to the energy plane Keter and to the “planet” Pluto, who both works with energy in The Crown Chakra!

More about Pluto:

Gods who are in Pluto’s realm include: Charon, Hades, Isis, Kerberos, Lucifer & Osiris.

Pluto energy is  in harmony with the Crown Chakra and it might surprise some, since Pluto is apparently looking rather gloomy & dark in its energy. 

Pluto is related to everything what is going on beneath the surface, “underground”, all the covert, all that secret.

And now Pluto is actually a symbol of Hades & the Underworld, the darkest part of the crust sphere.

Pluto symbolizes death & resurrection.

Its connection to the crown center is through the lower part of the crown chakra, which has a direct connection to the root chakra & Harachakraet, the lower energy part, which sleep in the dark & “death”, but can be awakened to the resurrection and ascend to the halo-like portion of the Crown Chakra .

Because everything has a duality, a dark & a light side, yin & yang. 

Pluto is the dark divine part, also called Lucifer (The Light & The Sun god who chose to trust his own brain, rather than the spiritual brain) – he will become whole again when he unites with his duality called Christ).

Pluto symbolizes the slumbering lower mind, which dwells in darkness and who must undergo a decomposition & purification to get to dwell in the light.

The Crown chakra is said to split into 2 parts. The part where the human brain is & the part where the spiritual brain is. If you solely guided by your human brain, there will always be a risk that you fall in the “black” pitfalls.

If you strive for balance between the physical brain & the spiritual brain, the Crown Chakra become whole and the halo will turn on and shine brightly in the dark! 

…Behind the sphere of Pluto realm  the great spiritual Central sun that ascend from the darkness like a bright halo & sparkling crown!

The Central sun is the upper part of the Crown Chakra. It is the duality to the planet Pluto. Together the planet Pluto & the Central Sun make Yin & Yang – Balance & Harmony & the darkness turn into the bright Light and becomes ONE!

The higher vibrations of Pluto has not awakened yet, but when it happens, an unknown creativity will emerge.

Source – Facebook Notes


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