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Perfect Cleaning for Professional Cookware

copper scrubber

Washing cookware might seem a tedious task to you; but it’s true that your sautéed pans and other dishware need proper care and cleaning to be in shape. In fact any professional cookware needs special attention because if they are left to clean in dishwasher, the dishes might get a crack or chipped anywhere. Sometime it might also lead to uneven surfaces that can worsen your cooking session all the more. I’ll give you few tips to keep your professional cookware clean and perfect:

  • The cast iron cookware needs to be handled carefully. To begin with one must completely remove the left-over and then rinse thoroughly with hot water. Dry the pan and reapply an even coat of vegetable oil on it.
  • For copper based pans use ketchup. Wipe it off with a paper towel and then again use a damp towel. Now use dish washing liquid to clean the pan.
  • In case of stainless steel cookware add liquid cleaners to scrub it with a copper scrubber using circular motion.

This is how you go about cleaning your cookware.


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