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Organic Skin care Tips for your Baby

Smiling Baby

Remember the first time you gave birth to this little bundle of joy, his tiny fingers curled like a bud and that flowery smile of his seemed so Godly to you. Now that the little one of yours has turned 7months, you might be thinking if you could use some baby skin care products that would do justice to his gentle skin. An angel he is, so it’s important that you don’t apply anything that smells good or seems marvelous to you. You should always remember to use the best of organic skin care products for your baby’s delicate skin.


Here are enticing tips to see that your baby smiles a million times when you apply organic skin care products.

  • Look out for certified organic skin care brands that has the USDA seal attached.
  • Don’t fall prey to the attractive marketing phrases. Find out if the skin care product contains a seal that says it is certified by the USDA. Non-certified products may contain synthetic elements along with additives which may take toll on your angel’s skin.
  • Find out if the product is 100% organic and then if the scent is derived from essential oils or not.
  • In summer months make sure you apply an organic product that is rich in clay, essential oils, corn starch and even baking soda. Avoid talcum powders.
  • Look out for items that are rich in vegetable or fruit oil extracts.

Try them out and find the difference in months.


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