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"Mobile First" Is the New Marketing Strategy

With the multi-functional aspect of the cell phone growing every single day, it has become imperative for businesses to responsively design their websites to enable friendly user-experience. Technical architecture and graphic design of web pages should have the sole focus of pleasing the mobile screen before opening up on desktop browsers.

2013 is a year that will mark the “Mobile First” strategy as the clarion call for digital marketing strategists. Surveys have revealed that not only is the mobile market the fastest growing Retail Avenue, but it is also one that has been inadequately explored and utilized. The distribution of the average cell phone ad dollar is as follows: 49% for search, 33% for display, 12% for MMS/SMS, 6% for video. Research has revealed that companies waste a large amount of their finances by devoting almost 82% of their resources to poor quality mobile formats which do not help in enhancing the brand name of the company.

Moreover, the consumption of newsfeeds represents an important portion of cell phone activities. For example, over 60% users of social sites like Twitter and Facebook log into their accounts using their mobiles. The growing relevance of news feed-based content such as these emphasizes the necessity of developing websites and e commerce sites that are functional on cell phone screens, even outdoing the importance apps, search ads and displays.

Marketers and businessmen have realized the importance of presenting an appeasing experience for customers when they visit their brand on their cell phones. This is definitely the new area where companies and brands are all set out to wage a war in order to gain the attention of their customers.


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