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Message To All The Women – What Is Your Urine Trying To Tell You?

What is your urine trying to tell you?

The frequency, color and odor of urine of a woman can tell her a lot about her lifestyle. Urination has a direct connection with daily habits. And if taken a good notice of it, your urine can act as a clear indicator of your health conditions. As a result, you can act accordingly and take precautions as required.

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So, what are the 3 major things the color, odor and frequency of urine can tell a woman. Let’s have a look:

You’re Pregnant

Even before you get to know about your pregnancy though various tests, it is a common phenomenon for your urine to emit a strong and pungent odor. This odor, resulted from the fetus secreting the hCG hormone, is an effective indicator of pregnancy. Once the baby is on board, the pressure on the kidneys increase tremendously as they have to constantly clear waste products from both you and the fetus. As a result, urination becomes frequent during this time.

You Have A UTI

Urinary Track Infection or UTI is a sure-shot possibility when you get a painful burning sensation during the discharge. Moreover, recent reports have also shown a going to the loo more than 8 times a day means that it’s better to consult a doctor. Be it the frequency or the burning sensation – it is soon followed with lower back pain, chills, fever and occasional presence of RBCs turning the urine pink.

You Are Dehydrated

When your the color of your urine turns dark yellow, it is a clear sign of dehydration. A strong odor is also a major sign. Make sure that you at least get the recommended 8 cups of water required for a woman per day. And do not forget your daily intake of fruits and vegetables; they also play an important role in keeping the urine normal.


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