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Have you got your Short-Term Disability Insurance ?

The other day, when a car accident had left your limbs broken, you gave it up thinking that you’ll be losing salaries for months to come; since the company won’t pay you for the number of days you remain absent.  Hey, you don’t need to cry so much if you have a short term disability insurance to cover you during times of distress; times when you need the salary to pay the huge medical bills. The short-term disability insurance allows you to enjoy around 40%-70% of what you drew prior to the accident. The group coverage makes sure you get the benefits via your employer or union. Other than providing a health insurance plan, the employer may extend his hands to proving a short term disability benefit for his employees.

For short term disability insurance it’s either you or your employer who has to pay for the premiums. During an injury if you are unable to resume work for months, this health benefit plan assures you a part of your salary for the number of days you remain absent. The best thing about this policy is you can join office whenever you feel like and if again you think that your physical condition is preventing you from engaging into stressful works, you can easily continue to have leaves as you may need. For more details on health insurance in Orange County you can check the websites and get yourself a wonderful health benefit plan.


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