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Get Ready to face the sun – wear little white sundresses

Pretty In White
Pretty In White

Agree, wearing white color is much more difficult than any other, especially if you wear a thin tissue or overlying style. So, not to look inappropriately, follow this advice:

1. White color should suit you. You may not believe, but there are those whom it does not suit. In this case, you can try just light colors. And you probably may want to get suntan: maybe on the beach, or in a solarium, or by means of tanning lotions.

2. Choose sundresses properly. In the store look how well the fabric allows light. Remember, it should not be too translucent.

3. The main and most fundamental – the right lingerie. It is important that it is of the same color as your body. You should not wear white under white.

4. Shoes should fit the sundress. White is the color of purity and simplicity. It allows you creating any image you want. Brown and gray shades of footwear are the best here. Although all depends on style and accessories.

5. It is desirable that sundresses would not be overloaded with details. Remember a rule: the simpler the better. Want something interesting? Then choose bright accessories or extravagant style.

6. You can choose accessories of bright colors. Do not be afraid to experiment. Forget about the fact that white requires white. Watch the movie «Sex and the City» and make sure the opposite.

7. White allows you creating different images, ranging from bohemian and ending with hippie. Everything depends on the style. Want to create a relaxed hippie style or islander style? Add large jewelry, big sunglasses and sandals.

8. Want to create a more mysterious and solemn style – add black accessories to white sundress.

9. White is perfect for autumn-winter period. Such sundresses should be made of solid materials.

Source – Woman’s Passions – Lifestyle Magazine.

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