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Find out if your Child too shows these Signs of Autism

Autism is slowly becoming a worldwide concern. Autism restricts the mental abilities of an individual. Autistic individuals are mentally challenged individuals who are mostly preoccupied with specific objects with non-diversified thoughts. They basically adhere to particular routines and follow specific rituals. These individuals are non-sociable in nature they hardly mix around with friends family members. They mostly keep to themselves and are panic stricken when introduced when to unknown people. Their imaginative power is limited too; also their ability to sustain a conversation is restricted. However the severity of the symptoms may vary widely. While sometimes the autistic signs are apparent, other times you won’t be able to recognize. In most cases autistic symptoms surface during early years of life and go unrecognized by the parents.

Some of the signs are discussed in the following lines:

  • They are unable to make friends
  • They are not sociable
  • Autistic individuals have a habit of adhering to particular objects and routines
  • Most of the time they tend to stack objects
  • They are sensitive to colors and noise
  • Repetitive behavior is too common amongst autistic individuals
  • They keep repeating words

Wisconsin Autism helps these cognitive impaired individuals to lead a normal life.


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