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FBI raids Local Doc's Medical Chamber

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Recent news states that FBI agents had actually raided the chamber of a local physician who also used to practice hyperbaric therapy at his medical chambers. The medical expert’s chamber was thoroughly raided by the officials as they seized his license, information and materials were associated with his hyperbaric practices. It is said that the raid was completed at four of the chambers which belonged to the medical practitioner. DR. O’ Brein’s initially was unable to figure out as to why the FBI officials had to get into such a strict act. Later the medical expert claimed that it was his 10-people hyperbaric chamber that triggered suspicion in the minds of the investigators. It was the safety criteria which they perceived to be missing. However, O Brein was of the opinion that his family members were administered with hyperbaric therapy in this huge chamber. However the medical expert’s offices remain and are clearly active. O Brein who is a pro is hyperbaric practices is determined to get back his chamber which he claims to be his sole invention.



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