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Facebook introduces the new Timeline for Brand Pages

The coming weeks would see Facebook presenting all their page owners with a complete new outlook. The added enhancements and significant changes would enable you to access the real time analytics of your targeted consumers. The complete new interface would endow the administrator up to five degrees of access of their pages. The new messaging would also channel your fans who want to directly correspond with your business.

The changes made are still under debate as to what is the underlying truth: the main dilemma is whether the change would really benefit social networking and push the brand pages to its limit. The optional Timeline of Facebook was made mandatory for the profile users. This would be utilized in the business pages also, an offer that can’t be refused.

So are you worried that you hated the Timeline? The probability is that features incorporated in the profiles would prove to be valuable assets. Maybe not, but who knows until we really apply them. So here are the pros and the cons of the new Facebook Business Page.


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Pros: The optional message button at the top of the page is utilized to converse on a one-to-one basis. The Page’s Fans can communicate directly. The tab can also check the angry rants about the products and services and enables you to provide solutions that would satisfy the elite clientage.

Cons: The message panel can generate thousands of messages per day. Few companies equip themselves with the strategy to manage them. The consumer demand may force reactions often in a negative manner.

The recommended solution would be enabling the Test the Message for a period of two weeks. An efficient internal resource is required that would monitor and respond to the messages and provide relevant answers. This communicative channel would be soon replacing all the traditional methods of communication like the phone, email and chat.

 Pinning Updates

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Pro: The other significant aspect ushered alongside the Timeline is the ability to make certain status updates “sticky.” This feature would allow you to “pin” an important update which would make it appear at the top. To enable this tool, all one needs to do is select the pencil icon present at the upper-right corner. The “Pin to Top” element has to be selected accordingly. This feature is useful when there is the need to highlight a particular option.

Con: The viewers tend to get bored when they see the same post updated for a week.

The targeted audience always receives their relevant information from the newsfeed. This is the reason that “pin” or “no pin” audiences do not stray.

The Cover Photo

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Pro: The Cover Photo provides an ample scope to highlight the business or the brand’s personality.

Con: The cover photo dimensions of 851 by 315 pixels do draw the attention. However, it forces down all the important elements of the page. The updates and the interactions all comes below the fold and scrolling becomes an unavoidable option. The other detrimental factor is Facebook banning using photos that would contain contact info, special offers, web address mails or discounts. Any reference to user interface elements such as “like” or “share” would land you in violation with Facebook.

The Timeline presented a complete new approach. It is a great idea to understand the market matrix before applying the varied features of the Timeline and reap the benefits.


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