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Eat Less Sugar to Prevent Skin Ageing

It is unhealthy to overload your body with too much of sugar as it makes you put on weight, might give you diabetes, mood swings and ruins your teeth. The latest discovery is that sugar gives you horrifying wrinkles! Can you believe it?

Nothing ages our face faster than wrinkled, saggy skin with unevenly toned. Scientists have researched that sugar and protein are love birds and so sugar molecules hop onto protein and POW! Causing damage to them! The scientific term for this process is ‘Glycation’. The two main proteins are elastic and collagen and these both combine to give a firm skin. These two proteins when attacked by sugar molecules you are left with a saggy skin. Sugar is also strong enough to change type 3 strongest collagen to type 1 weakest collagen. If a patient is attacked by diabetes, doctors find the first sign by looking at the skin condition. High blood sugar therefore damages the skin.

So now what do you do? Thank God it is not too late. The initial step you need to take is stopping the damage by lowering sugar intake. Do not add sugar or add minimum amount in the food you eat. Try to be a label reader and do not buy foods that have high sugar level, added sugar and cheap sweetener like HFCS. Slowly the elastin and collagen fibers will be rebuilt which will result in a firmer skin tone. Start taking vitamins like Vitamin B, C, E, multi vitamins which will help to build collagen. Apply good skin products that consist of anti-oxidants, Vitamin A, C, and E and follow a good skin care regimen. Be happy to know that skin is constantly growing; new cells are born every day.